Get to know me!

Hi guys!
My name is Federica and I was born in April 10, 1994.
My parents always gave me everything that i needed (and for that I'm so thankful to them!) and my childhood has been happy and joyful!
When I start to grow up, my body started to change, obviously, and even if I the people behind me continued to love me, I started watching myself as someone that wouldn't ever be good and successful.
I started hating my body (even if I tried to get fit I won't!), my personality (when I was an adolescent everything made me angry, even the most stupid things!) and my life has started not to be so good.
When I started high school, I started also playing soccer and, because of this, my classmates started to insult me calling me "lesbian" or "man". That's why I hated that school (also even if I met awesome people! But when someone insult you, the easiest thing to do is to think about the negative aspect, not the positive one)!
After three years of sadness, where I had the lower self-confidence ever, where I saw myself as fat and nasty and where I started not to talk to anyone (even because I've always been a shy girl!), I decided to change school (and I have to repeat the year because of that! the badness of the people haven't got any limit!) and my life started to get better.
From the moment that I decided to change school, I decided to change my whole life! Everything I wanted to be before I could be! This was the point of start of my new, my real life, where I could be what I wanted!
In the following three years in that school, I've met awesome people, that accepted me and loved me for who I really was (and am now!). I started, for the first time after years, to be "myself", I become more girly (but not to much!), I decided what I wanted to be (an architect!) and my passion for makeup started to grow.
Now that I finish high school and I'm going to start university, I decided to start a blog, for helping me to gain more self confidence and share my passions and hobbies!
What I wanna tell to everyone who read this post is that you never have to listen to bad comments and don't pay attention to people who insult you! Maybe they're gelous of you, or maybe they doesn't have nothing better to do! When someone or something brings you down you have to get up stronger than you were before, but never give up! You have always to be and always do what you want!
I hope you like this post about me!:)
                                                                                       Bye, Federica<3

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