Today I'm going to explain the word "love".
During the whole life you'll meet a lot of people but it's doesn't mean that everyone has to be part of you life "till the end". Someone could have a thousand friends, someone could have only three, it doesn't matter! You have (and sometimes you need) to be surround by people who loves you, no matter what your defects are or if you do something wrong, friends are always friend and they should love you anyway. As they loves you, you also should. Obviously with bestfriend you'll have a different relationships than with "normal" friends but... This is the life!
There is someone that is more important than your friend: YOURSELF!
You can't accept to be loved by someone if you don't love yourself first! During my teen-age I didn't have so much friends and I could not make friends without thinking about my body (that I think it was horrible) or my features, but as I got "older"I learned that all the time I passed thinking about those things was literally wasted! I am who I am! I cannot change who I am and now, oppositely to the past, I love myself! even if I'm not perfect! That's what you have to do as well!
I hope this post inspire you! Hope you'll have a great sunday!:)
                                                            Bye, Federica!:)

P.S. Don't be afraid! You can comment and let me know if you are agree (or not) with my ideas and tell me what you think about it!

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