Favorite youtubers! (Lifestyle Edition)

Last Wednesday I published my favorite beauty channels and today I'll tell you what channels I'm subscribed that are not beauty related and that I enjoy watching.
1. SacconeJoly: it's amazing see how their children grow up day by day and they're so funny! They publish a vlog every day at 6 pm GMT.

 *Credits: SacconeJolys

2. Anna Saccone: this is the "personal" channel of Anna (SacconeJoly) and in here she talk about lifestyle topics (food, "Ask Anna", children and even beauty).

 *Credits: Anna saccone

3. Kandee Johnson: she's so inspiring! I created this blog after I've watched one of her videos! She makes you feel blessed, loved and special and there's nothing better than feel like this!

 *Credits: Kandee Johnson

4. Grav3yardgirl: she (Bunny, it's her name) is so funny! what I love about this girl is the fact that she's "real" in her videos and she doesn't care about other peoples bad comments! She has a "particular" style (she loves old objects, gators and old dolls, but I don't care! She's funny!) and she think that "you are what you are"! You don't have to change yourself because people doesn't accept you! Go girl!!!! I love her "Does this thing really works" videos! She looks everytime like a litle girl in a candy store!!:)

 *Credits: Grav3yardgirl

5. Miranda Sings (last but not least!!): oh God... The style of this girl is... Fenomenal!... She's so "bootiful"! She's a "grumpy" girl who "lives" with her parents and her aunt. What I love about her videos, besides the things she says and does, are the bad comments. I cannot believe that some people thinks she's real and insult her for something that not even exist. In the real life Colleen Ballinger is a really talented girl and she's the vocal coach of Ariana Grande (I think!) and with this channel her popularity improves a lot. She's also on tour (in the States, Canada and in other cities like London and Dublin).

*Credits: Miranda Sings

Those were my favorite non-beauty channels! Hope you liked it and if you want let me know what yours are! Have a great weekend!
                                               Bye, Federica:)

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