Good Monday everyone!
I hope you've had a great weekend!
The last word of my blogs name is "laugh"; when you think about it you may think about "having fun", but for me the meaning is different.
When someone insult you, the best thing you can do is laugh! Who stands in front of you (insulting you too) doesn't expect that you laugh! Nobody's perfect, even him/her! Nobody should insult you, even if he's/she's a good friend and knows you very well.We are all similar, in the positives and even in the negatives aspects so, if you have some defects, he'll has some too (definitely! And the first is rudeness!).
When you are watching yourself at the mirror look at the beautiful aspects of your body, then the negatives, then watch your whole body... Aren't you beautiful? I know that feeling, when you look yourself at the mirror and you start crying because you think you're ugly... Well, if "someone" made you like you are, there is a reason, and definitely it didn't want to make you cry! So... watch your defect and laugh! There is no reason to be sad! You are beautiful! And that's it!
Before I met my boyfriend I was always sad because I didn't love my body, and then, when i told him that fact he asked me angrily:" What are you saying?? You are beautiful!!! Shut up!!"
After that moment, i look at myself at the mirror and I smile, thinking about that moment, and then think:"I am beautiful!".
I hope this post inspire you:) If you wanna comment you are welcome!:)
                                                             Bye, Fede:)

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