What I think about makeup

Hi guys!
What I think about makeup? I'll explain in today's post!
Makeup could be the best friend of a woman but, when she wears a lot of it, it could also be her worst enemy.
I don't like wearing too much makeup, mainly because of my skin (I've got a lot of blackheads and larger pores in my T-zone so, if I wear a lot of it, it gets very cakey and heavy) but even also because I like the "natural" finish.
I love watching youtube videos (like videos of Camila Coelho, Nicole Guerriero or Carly Bybel) that talk about makeup but I cannot stop thinking about how all that makeup would look like in the "real" life. Don't get me wrong! I love learning something new about makeup everyday and watching tutorials and getting inspirated by those but I have to think about the cons of all that makeup that is on their faces (and maybe on mine)!
I don't think in a daily bases all that makeup would be practical and after a few hours I'd get surely crazy by it! You have to use the right products and the right amount of them!
So... My idea about makeup is "less is more!"
Thanks for spending a little bit of your time reading this post!:)
Oh and comment (if you want) letting me know what you think about makeup!:)

                                                                      Bye, Fede:)

P.S. I'm not a makeup-artist and I've only explain my thoughts about this topic, sorry if my opinion has hurt someone's feelings.

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