Lip products addict TAG

     Hello folks!
    Today I've a makeup-related post for you! I decided to do the lip products addict TAG 'cause I'm obsessed with them! When I feel bad and insecure of myself I put on lipstick and the whole world looks better! I'm a little bit weird sometimes! I'm really into pink lips (even light and dark ones, it doesn't matter!) even because it's so easy change your look with a lipstick! You wanna look girly? Go for a lighter shade! You wanna be sexy? Dark lips is what you are looking for!
    Before I start rambling... Let's get into it!
    1. Favorite balm/treatment? My favorite balm, actually, is the Baby Lips, the "Cherry me" one. The treatment I love is the "scrub" with the toothbrush, after I wash my teeth I scrub my lips (not a lot because my lips will get even more dry!) and then I apply my balm.
      Maybelline BabyLips in "Cherry Me"
    2.  Best eye-catching red? I actually don't have any red lipstick! But I love mixing products so... My best eye-catching red is a mix between Maybelline "SuperStay 14hr" in the color "Keep me coral" and a dark fuchsia one (actually my favorite one is of a limited edition lipstick by Essence Cosmetics, the "Tribal summer" collection and the color is 02 "Waka Waka"). 
      Maybelline SuperStay 14hr lipstick in "Keep me coral"

      Essence Cosmetics: long lasting lipstick, "Waka Waka"
    3. Best luxury & best drugstore? I don't have any luxury lipstick! Or even makeup product in general, mainly because I think that drugstore's products are really good! So... I cannot reply!... But!... My favorite drugstore lipstick is Revlon Colorbust matte balm in "(20) Elusive".
    4. Best MAC lipstick? I've none of them! But I'm planning to get someone!
    5. Liner, yes or no? No if you have to line your lips only (maybe with a darker color, YES!!!! Oh God...), Yes if yo use it like lipstick! Sometimes liner is even better that lipstick if you find the right one!
    6. Best disappointing product? I don't have any disappointing product mainly because before buying products I always read reviews of it.
    7. Best gloss? I'm not a huge fan of lipgloss. I don't like how they look on my lips. But if I had to choose I'll definitely choose Kiko "Unlimited Lipgloss" in "04". I know Kiko has opened a new store in the US (in New York, there is only one in all the nation! But they will open other stores!) and it's also available in most European countries (Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria and Switzerland). And it's also really cheap!
    8. Something extra. I love pink lipstick with cold undertone and one of my favorites, besides the Revlon matte balm is Maybelline "SuperStay 14 hr Lipstick" in "Ultimate blush". It has a matte finish and when you apply it at first is a little bit dry but when you start working it it's so creamy! Love it! I don't understand why people never talk about those lipsticks!

      I think that lipstick could be the "best friend" of a woman, she only has to choose the right shades. It can change your whole look even if it's the simplest one!
      Let me know what you think about it and answer to some of the questions if you want and follow me too! If you want obviously! 
      Thanks for reading this post, hope you liked it,
      XOXO, Fede:)

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